Step 1

Create a new merchant account in minutes.

No sales reps needed. Answer a few questions to get started.

Step 2

Share your unique page to customers.

Once received, your customer can complete the application in minutes.

Step 3

Your customer can get funding the next day.

Your customers typically get funded in 1-3 business days so you can get paid.

Using Ccino pays for itself - one average sale covers 3 years of using Ccino!

Ccino has a 0% dealer fee, meaning you can keep all the profits in your pocket.

Learn how offering financing can make a difference for your business.

We help businesses close hundreds of thousands of sales each month. Learn how Ccino can turn a difficult sale into yes & bring more jobs.

Why Ccino is better

Learn why Ccino is better compared with traditional dealer-fee financing.

Using Ccino


Unlimited Financing

  • check No startup cost
  • check No dealer fees ever
  • check No in-person meeting needed
  • check 1:1 homeowner support

Traditional Financing


Payable On Each Financing

  • close Upfront startup fees
  • close 9-15% dealer fees on each project
  • close Requires in-person ID checks
  • close No 1:1 homeowner support

* For example, for a financing of $10,000, you would normally pay $900 - 1,500 dealer fees to traditional financing providers. With Ccino, that is only $29/mo (or $49/mo if you are on the growth plan).

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I try out the service?

Yes, we offer a 7-day free-trial period. During this time you can bring customers over and there will be no dealer fees even if your customers are funded. You can cancel the service anytime before it ends without being charged.


Is there any time-in-business or cash-flow requirements?

No, as long as your business is registered in the United States and its territories your businss can work with Ccino. You can create your account in a few minutes, no questions asked.


Will I be assigned an account manager?

Yes, your business will have a dedicated account manager and we usually respond to your request in 30 minutes during working hours.


Any other questions we can answer?

please visit our FAQs page here.